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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Last post for 2010

Last post!  What?  We will not be doing any trips until Christmas of 2010 when we to Eygpt to explore the wonders of Cairo and the ValLey of the Kings.  Check back in January for an account of this fantastic country.

In between now and then, I am off an adventure to attend the Cordon Blue Basic Cuisine program on Saturday November 15. The course is a mere 5 weeks of sauteing, chopping and braising my way through the basics of French cooking.  I am really excited about this opportunity.

You also might have noticed my recent posts have a little too much focus on what I ate versus what I saw. 
Hmm....I realize that perhaps it is time to separate my detailed foodie revelations from our travel experience so I have started a second blog to chronicle my Cordon Bleu adventure and our food travels.  I hope you'll drop by! 


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