Fellow Travellers

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Barcelona March 27 to 30 2010

Our first trip of 2010 was to the enchanting north of Spain where we were able to indulge in all our favorite past times, gourmet eating, wine tasting and golfing. The first stop on our trip was the modernista city of Barcelona. We stayed in the funky and functional Casa Camper hotel in el Raval just a few blocks off of la Rambla which is the main pedestrian stroll in the city.

La Rambla is lined with interesting vendors selling everything from food and flowers to canaries. The stroll is also host to a multitude of street buskers all vying for a place amongst the vendor stalls and hoping to attract tourists, their camera and more importantly their euros! It makes for a colorful afternoon to simply stroll along pop into food markets and eye up all the intriguing characters.