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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ga Ajax Ga! (or Go Ajax Go for you non Dutchies)

It's official, I am now a European - I'm a soccer fan.  G was fortunate to be given some club seats to the Ajax vs Herenveen this past Sunday afternoon so I was lucky to tag along.   We departed for the game 45 minutes before the start and after circling the Amsterdam Arena several times (those ring roads can be tricky) we finally found our way into the stadium to find the game well under way 3 to zip.   Fans of each team chanted taunts (I imagine as it was all in Dutch) across the stadium while their teams played on.  I can see the allure of soccer for a fan as it is akin to a drama production;

The villainous opposing team/fans, a musical score created by the crowd, the scenes are full of action that never stops, the actors (players) know how to take a bow (dive).....and there's beer! 

All joking aside it was a fun sport to watch as unlike hockey or American football, the plays are rarely interrupted and if they are, the game resumes quickly.  Also of note, those players are on for the full 90 minute unless maimed or someone is close to death.  On the field the players are all good sports (I suppose they have to make up for the fans) and treat the crowd to some great entertainment.    My only hope is that the Herenveen learns a new song for the next rematch.  "Cause every little thing, gonna be alright" - only if your team starts scoring.


Looking forward to my next home game...and already asking about World Cup next year.

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